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seasonal + sustainable, female-driven, farm-based catering venture composing quality food into honest and inclusive cuisine

We are thrilled to announce we will now be offering private chef services for personal +corporate gatherings, drop-off meals, buffet + family-style gatherings as well as plated dinners from 5-100 people. Below is a collection of menu items that meet our philosophy + style. We hope you find them wholesome and nourishing as well as modern and clean. We like to use this menu as a showcase of our product as well as the abundance of our community.  


When thinking about planning your next event, please consider us. There is intersectionality of seasons, so some items can be served in multiple seasons, feel free to ask if something speaks to you. Many items can be made Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Vegetarian. We welcome + encourage full vegan + vegetarian menus. Please contact us so we can build something together to suit your needs. 

Have an idea of what you’d like, please let us know!

Please note we only cater large (70+ person) events if they meet a few criteria.  They must have on site kitchens and be buffet style or stationed meals. 

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Tell us what you're looking for

To get a sense of your taste and what you are looking for, please pick what interests you from the lists below. These are not menu items but examples of what we can create. Everything is based on seasonality and we will work with you to create something you love.

Sides & Salads
Catering Form
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