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Joys of December

I was outside yesterday just plodding around my yard, checking out the gardens and forest edges. The sun was shining overhead which warmed me in my body and my soul. We’ve been fortunate with mild weather and almost daily sunlight where I live, nestled between Skaneateles and Elbridge. It still feels like fall, we’ve had snow here and there but nothing has been sticking much to my children’s dismay.

It feels like an opportunity to slowly shift into the winter season. The days are getting shorter as we head towards the Winter Solstice on December 21st. I don’t love that it’s dark by 4:30 pm but I know that the light will soon return and that reminds me to choose joy in those moments when thoughts can get dark.

Instead of lamenting the dark early evenings I decided to try embracing the lack of sunlight by having mini hibernation moments. I add multiple layers of clothing, with all the warmth I can find, snuggle in some blankets and bury myself on the couch. Do I have things to do? Yes. Can they wait a little while? Yes.

I focus on breathing and humming to myself. Both signs to my brain that I’m cozy, calm and collected. (at least for those few moments.) Then I slowly emerge and continue on with my evening. Is it a radical change? No, but even just five minutes of channeling my inner groundhog (our only true hibernating creature) I feel a small shift in my mind. I’m choosing to focus on myself and slow down my mind/body which in turn is relieving some of the stress I’m feeling.

We have a Christmas Cactus that my husband started when he was younger from a leaf of his Grandmother’s plant. It’s been looking like death most of this year and he was sure it wouldn’t flower this year. Seeing the sadness on his face I decided to give it some love and see if I could coax it back to health. I brought it downstairs where it could get some more natural light, repotted it in a larger pot, added in some fresh soil and gave it a long cool drink. I’ve been talking to the plant, cleaning the dust from its crab leg looking leaves and sending it loving energy for almost a month now. Look at her go!

If you have one of these beautiful plants you likely are seeing similar blooms. They actually need the trigger of less sunlight to flower and these beauties are an excellent reminder that amazing things can come from less than ideal circumstances.

Sometimes the simplest recipes taste the most delicious, seeing the little blooms on a plant bring the biggest smiles, the smallest gestures have the greatest rewards…you get the idea. If we take a few moments each day to choose joy in whatever small way we can (some ideas listed below) we will see the benefits within our moods and how we move through the shift of the seasonal changes around us.

Lift Yourself Up Ideas!

-Mini hibernation moments aka: Channeling your inner groundhog

-Enjoy indoor blooms

-Get outside!

-Spontaneous dance party (or any movement that makes you smile!)

-Light up your home! Add lights all over to chase the darkness away, happy lights are especially helpful this time of year.

-Eat delicious and nourishing foods! Did you know Laura has a winter meal delivery service? Yeah, you need to check that out asap!

What other ideas can you think of? Please share what you utilize to chase away the lack of sunlight blues!

Keep an eye out for the next blog coming soon on ideas to celebrate the Winter Solstice because we can look at it as, yeah, the longest night of the year OR we could look at it as when the light begins to RETURN, a little bit more everyday. Now that’s something to look forward to right?

Bright Blessings to you all!


Chicken N Biscuits (yummmmm!!)

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