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    Work Party- A lovely blush that almost didn't happen. Made on the fly while running late to my husband's holiday work party.


    Old Spot- named after our favorite heirloom breed of pig. Gloucestershire Old Spots have a beautiful whitish pink coat with dark spots and are perfect for grazing orchards. They even help prevent the spread of some diseases in apple orchards!


    Pink Brandywine Tomatoes- a favorite heritage variety of beefsteak tomato. This color is as rich as a peak of the season tomato! Doubles as a great eyeshadow!


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    Ingredients: Sereicite mica, cornstarch, kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, jojoba oil, vitamin e, mica, oxides and carmine.


    .5 oz

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      We are working on making our farming dreams come true. Pastured poultry, homestead made remedies and raising our babies. Billy is a mechanic with a rally racing problem and Laura is a collector of laying hens.

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