Body Mist +Oil Collection
  • Body Mist +Oil Collection


    These Body Mist + Oil Sets are so so so needed in these times.

    Each set has a 4oz sprayer of mist and a 4oz dropper of oil.


    Yarrow Body Oil + Mist - Yarrow infused into witchazel. Yarrow infused into jojoba oil and extra virgin oilve oil.  Yarrow is antimicrobial and is great for skin prone to irritation.  Great for boundaries, visible and not visible.


    Red Clover Oil + Mist - Red Clover infused into witchazel. Red clover infused into avocado oil and extra virgin oil. Red Clover is a great lymphatic mover! It helps to get the junk up and moving out of our systems so it is a great ally as the holidays approach and we tend to induldge in the richer things!  


    Wild Rose Oil + Mist - Wild Rose infused into witchazel. Wild Rose infused into extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil.  This is lightly scented by only the rosebuds themselves. A great cleanser of clogged pores and an excellent anti inflammatory. Rose has been skins hero for over 5,000 years! 


    Mint + Jewelweed Spray 

    Yarrow, Mountain Mint, Jewelweed and catnip infused into witchazel to keep those bugs at bay and to cool warm skin.  Topped with just the littlest bit of jewelweed infused oil. A great hot summer spritz!


    St. Joan's Wort Body Oil - St. Joan's wort from our field infused into extra virgin olive oil. St. Joan's has a pain reliving quality and is great for seasonal depression.  Use as any other body oil or use on sore joints.  This is a GREAT foot rub oil. Husband of mine, you reading this? 4oz dropper


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