• Cream Highlighter + Eye Shadows


    Larkspur- A lovely light purple with specks of silver making the dispositions of this eyeshadow as cheery as the flower itself.


    Lady Slipper-Is in the orchid family, endangered and resides in one of my favorite habitats, bogs! This light pink is modeled after a lady slipper I met on a walk through a beautiful nature center. Check them out: www.limehollow.org


    Echinacea- One of my favorite plant allies. Gold in the center and a perfectly purpley-pink petal. Say that five times fast.


    Milkweed- This is a wonderful pure white inspired by those lovely tufts of milkweeds seeds on the breeze. Great to use on the inner corner of the eye or under the eye to lighten any darker spots.


    August Gold-This is modeled after golden hour during the month of August. So bright. I apply this over my blush when I want some extra pop.


    Beeswax, jojoba oil, vitamin e, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, micas, oxides.


    3ml jar




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      We are working on making our farming dreams come true. Pastured poultry, homestead made remedies and raising our babies. Billy is a mechanic with a rally racing problem and Laura is a collector of laying hens.

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