Eye Shadow
  • Eye Shadow


    Gold Finch-Named after a lovely little bird that dances across our meadow.


    Field Party- a deep black shadow reminiscent of a midnight in summertime. Picture golden embers from your campfire floating across a jet black sky.


    Wood Stove- a very brassy brown that reminds me of vintage wood stove furnishings.


    Orchard-A color modeled after the heritage variety of apple called "Enterprise." This apple hangs onto the branches long into the winter providing a pop of warmth in the darkest months. A delicious eating apple you can try at  Elderberry Pond Farm + Restaurant. Check Them Out: www.elderberrypond.com


    Disco Bath-  Named after a beautiful bathroom at River House Farm in Tennessee. Perfect brassy green that id great for layering. Check Them Out: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2761347 and on Instagram @riverhousefarmtn


    June Sunset- Sunsets in June always seem to last a really long time. That light orange permeating your eyes making golden hour seem to last a blissfully long time. Perfect kayaking weather. Check out June’s Adventures: #fancyfreely on Instagram


    January-Inspired by a crisp winter day in January in upstate NY. This is cool white and it is great for blending.


    Harvest- Inspired by the last harvest of fall. When everything is switching from a chorus of reds, yellows, oranges and greens to a slow and ever creeping tint  of grey.


    Cocktail Hour- A great matte eyeshadow that easily transitions from work day to a night out. Easy to layer and blend. Perfect for anyone on the go or travelling. 


    Celebration- Inspired by the first deep greens of spring. Always a celebration for farmers and gardeners.




    Eye Shadow Ingredients- Sereicite mica, cornstarch, boron nitride, magnesium stearate, magnesium myristate, calcium carbonate, jojoba oil, vitamin e, mica, oxides.


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      We are working on making our farming dreams come true. Pastured poultry, homestead made remedies and raising our babies. Billy is a mechanic with a rally racing problem and Laura is a collector of laying hens.

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