Long Wear Lipstick
  • Long Wear Lipstick


    Coffee Break- A deep rusty matte brown. Named after my favorite beverage, besides wine. Check out our favorite coffee spot www.simpleroastcoffee.com

    Stop Sign-I used to take picture in a window by an all way stop in an old school house. One day as I was making a particularly good kissy face, I saw some people staring at me. How vain they must have thought I was. A great popping red, with hints of gold.

    Mob Wife-Inspired by a dear friend who has a love of faux fur capes, Swarvoski crystal earrings, and Italian cuss words. A plumy dark matte red.

    Delicata-The color of a well roasted delicata squash. A perfect orange matte.

    1967-Inspired by a beautiful soul who seeks the best in others. Here is a pinky lipstick that matches your beauty inside and out.


    Gerty-That's my Gerty. She used to lay the prettiest pale pink eggs. I miss her. The only chicken I ever named. #crazychickenladystatus

    Don't forget to CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!

    Ingredients: organic beeswax, candelilla wax, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, magnesium stearate, magnesium myristate, micas and oxides for pigment, carmine.

    20 ml tubes


      About Laura & Billy

      We are working on making our farming dreams come true. Pastured poultry, homestead made remedies and raising our babies. Billy is a mechanic with a rally racing problem and Laura is a collector of laying hens.

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