Tinctures, Elixirs, Shrubs, Bitters +More!

Tinctures, Elixirs, Shrubs, Bitters +More!

Notes about tinctures, elixirs and other herbal medicine: We are not doctors, please consult your doctor or health advisor before consuming. We provide items in this category that have helped us along our journey. You are consuming these items at your own risk.


Our herbal tinctures are single blens, meaning one plant at a time. Always fresh plant material. We then blend our herbal tinctures to get our preferred ratios. 6 to 8 week minimum infusion time. Herbal medicine is slow medicine!


Doses are mearly suggestions.  Please start small and see how your body reacts. 

General Health Tincture-  red clover, dandelion, and nettle infused into brandy. Yarrow infuced into vegetable glycerin. Our dose is 2 droppers 2x daily. 4oz dropper


Fennel, Citrus + Thyme Bitters- This is a vinegar based bitter so it is non alcoholic. Organic apple cider vinegar infused with citrus, thyme and fennel. We spray this on our tounges pre and post meals to aid in digestion. 4oz spray



Herbal Aid

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