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Celebrating the summer solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

There are so many ways to celebrate the longest day of the year but what makes it most special is when you create something that is meaningful to you.

Celebrating the changing of the seasons is an important way for us to feel connected to the living world around us and to feel in rhythm with the changes.

It's also fun to get family and friends involved! Below are some different ideas that you can incorporate or adjust to whatever feels right for you. Be creative and tap into that energizing energy of summer!

Collect your favorite flowers: thank the flowers as you gather one or two and take a moment to explore them with all your senses (check back on the previous post to see if the petals are edible!) Feel the texture of the stem and petals, smell the scent (does it bring up a memory?), gaze at its beauty and listen in to your mind as you experience the wonders of these precious gifts. Place them in a vase to remind you of the beauty of summer.

Light a candle or have a bonfire: write out a list of 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you are wishing for this season.

Carefully light the paper from the candle flame or place within a bonfire. Enjoy the warmth and meditative moment fire provides, gazing deeply into the flames. Roast food or s'mores, dance, play music, whatever brings a smile to your face!

Visit a body of water: whether it be a stream, pond, waterfall or a pool, you can use the revitalizing magic of water to cleanse you for this new season. If you're feeling stressed or worried, imagine all that energy leaving your body through your fingers as you drip them into the water.

Splash around, search for creatures or just sit back and enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook.

Create nature art: using found items, tap into the creative energy around you and make a beautiful piece of nature art like this mandala. Tap into your inner child and let your imagination take over. You'll find that this can easily become a meditative process, with your mind focused on what you're creating it's hard to think of anything else! You can also take this time to nature journal, draw or paint, whatever way you feel called to express your gratitude for the beauty of this summer season!

Move your body: take a walk or do yoga outside. Take a moment to breathe deeply, smelling the scents of summer and cleansing your mind. Use all of your senses to experience the living world around you and be present in the moment.

Share your plans to welcome in the season of Summer below, we'd love to see pictures as well!

Happy Summer Solstice!


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