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Happy Fall Equinox

Tomorrow is the first day of fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and I am loving these cooler days! Don't get me wrong, I love the heat but I just physically don't do well in it. I spend as much time as possible in or near water!

My energy level lately is reflecting what the trees are beginning to feel as they begin to prepare for a slow down into this fall season. I'm totally here for some slower times, what about you? Anyone else wish we could hibernate?

Summer is so vibrant and the energy is at its height. After the -must do all the things energy- I really relish the fall with its cooler days and changing colors. The days when a sweater, boots and a hot cup of tea are necessary. There are so many things I love about fall!

Can you smell the changes in the air? Visually you may notice many leaves have begun to turn from green to yellow, orange and red. The amount of sunlight has slowly started to decrease and on the equinox the amount of day and light are equal. This shift in the amount of sunlight causes the slow down of photosynthesis in plants. This process produces chlorophyll which gives the leaves its green color, without it the other colors present will get their chance to shine before the leaf falls off to nourish the soil below.

Some of my favorite foods are in season like grapes, apples and pumpkins! CNY has a wealth of wonderful places to visit to enjoy these fall treats. Mmmmm pumpkin spice... What are your favorite fall yums?

How will you celebrate this change in season? It's fun to create your own traditions, get friends and family involved and let your creativity free! You can make a delicious meal with fall favorites, create a craft using nature like the grapevine wreaths my kids made below or take a hike and look for the signs of fall. Whatever you decide to do will be a perfect way to celebrate the changes that are happening around us and keep ourselves in tune with nature.

Make sure to share what you create!

Happy Fall!


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