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Sharing the Gift of Gratitude

The fall equinox is behind us and the days are growing shorter as the seasonal wheel turns.

This is the time of year for us to truly celebrate the bounty that the Earth and our fellow beings provide us.

Let us take the time to spread the gift of gratitude, to let others know we appreciate all that they do and give to us. From the trees and their gifts of the very breath we breathe to the farmers who work with all their hearts to provide us with the bounty of their fields.

We each hold within us a light that, once shared with others, can spread far across the Earth. Share this glowing wonder with others this fall season, you never know who is in desperate need of this gift.

There are many ways to share gratitude with those you know and those you do not. Write small notes of thanks, leave little gifts for others to find with words of encouragement and love. Can you imagine how lovely it would be to find a note on your windshield on a particularly terrible day, telling you that everything will be okay? Such a small gesture that could mean so much.

This season is also a busy time for the flora and fauna of our Earth. They will also benefit from some naturally gifted items to ensure their migration/hibernation/adaptation transition into winter. Leaving out such things like dog/cat hair for nests or bird seed/nuts to help build up caches, or consider not raking up the leaves in your yard so that many small creatures can snuggle under their warmth. Take time to thank the trees for all that they do and let them inspire you with the grace in which they let their leaves, that which they can no longer support or carry, go.

Gratitude Meditation:

Take a moment to get comfortable, tune into your breath and let your eyes slowly close.

Think of all the things you have to be grateful for, whether they be big or small.

Picture the gratitude you feel as a golden light resting in the palms of your hands.

Feed this orb with all the love and thankfulness you feel in your heart.

See it grow.

Let the glow of the warm light fill your body, cleansing your mind and soul.

Imagine this ball of love going beyond your body, out to your loved ones, those that need this loving energy and to the Earth itself.

Take a deep breath in and focus back on the orb within your hands.

Bring it up to your heart where it will stay whenever you have need of it.

Open your eyes with a smile on your face.

Be at peace and present in this moment.


What can you do to spread the gift of gratitude this season? Please share your thoughts with us!

Email to sign up for our Weeds + Whimsy forum and enjoy Laura's fall Shrimp and Dandy pasta recipe as well as other herbal inspired posts!

I wish you all a wonderful autumn full of love, gratitude and wellness.


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