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the Herbal path

“The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

You may already know a lot about herbalism or maybe you are a beginner, no matter where you are on your journey there is always something new to learn about the plants that grow around us!

Herbalism has been around since humans have existed. What we know today is thanks to the trial and error of our ancestors. They were the first to utilize plants not just for food but also for medicine. Before there was written documentation, the art of herbalism was passed down from generation to generation through stories and through hands-on practice. Can you imagine being the first human trying out different remedies to see what worked and what didn’t? The modern medicine we know today has roots in the knowledge our ancestors planted thousands of years ago.

There are so many wonderful things to explore within our plant world like the study of botany, medicine making, wild plant identification, foraging and wildcrafting, nutrition, herb cultivation, culinary herbalism, wild foods, use in ritual and more!

Our bodies and minds have been yearning for the return of the warming rays of sunlight, for the beginning of spring much like the plants and animals around us. Noticing and being in rhythm with seasonal shifts is another important part of herbalism. The spring equinox is March 20th and you may have noticed many plants are poking up their green shoots, getting ready to bloom!

Let’s join them!

If you feel called to delve deeper into the world of herbalism click this link to learn more about our Herbal CSA! Not only will you get herbal products and DIY kits to create your own herbal goods and crafts, you’ll also get access to our forum where we’ll provide information and videos on correct identification, cultivating, sustainable harvesting and uses.

Now is the time to plant seeds of intention for your own growth. What do you want to see grow and bloom within your life? Find joy and inspiration in the nature waking up all around you!

Happy spring blessings to you!


Books to Explore:

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Native American Herbalist's Bible by Nashua Powhatan

Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel

A Pocket Guide to Herbs by Jenny Linford

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